Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Greeting and 2014 Review

Merry Christmas 2014 Guys! and it is a week to go for 2015! Hope you guys have a meaningful time during this joyful day. This year marks my less activity for the blog since i have less time now but i still have the commitment. 2014 marks some significant change in my life as in the mid of the Year i left Australia to study Chinese in Beijing but i left no regret since i made the most out of my stay just before leaving Sydney which i will come back again sometime. Christmas in China is rather different in Sydney, everything goes usual in Beijing today which is suppose different culture different Significance. But i hope things goes well next year just like always.

I just finished my Papercraft which is a picture frame with Christmas theme and i spent my Christmas this year doing this. While it is a bit different with making Gunpla, i put my skills which i earned from for the former into some good use. Since it is my first kind of this work the result is not too good obviously but i did have fun along the way even took crash course of sewing and obviously my first few attempts look pathetic. I had fun the most building the fireplace as it reminds me of building Gunpla for some reason while i had some quite hard time making the Christmas tree since it is the trickiest part in the kit. Depending on circumstances i may show some of my future papercraft works so please look forward to it!

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