Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jurassic Park(1993 Arcade)

I have been fiddling with my Mame again after leaving it on dust for a while and i have been playing lots of Beat em ups and Rail shooter. I wonder why i picked Jurassic Park out of all the games to discuss but this is one of the games that i played in arcade even though not as much as Shadow over Mystara or other games. My impression when i was a kid about this game, it is terrible hard especially the first part! No matter what you do the T-Rex will always reduce your HP to half at very least. While my impression remains unchanged, i feel that game design is terrible because your skill affects the game only in slightest but the shaking seats and being chased by two T-Rex will always give a good thrill. While i hate this game for having bad game challenge design, Sega did better with their Rail Chase and Aliens 3 and even made better shooting game for this series which most of you know as The Lost World. But in terms of coin guzzling it is still acceptable since it took like 7 credits to finish the playthrough still better than Terminator 2 which is just too horrible.

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