Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nitroplus Blasters - Heroines Infinite Duel

Slowpoke post here, i didn't expect Nitroplus would release another new fighting game for their series, while the Fighting game in the PC was far from perfect it was good fanservice so i suppose this time Nitroplus tried their luck again. So far the informations we got here is that the game will be released on Arcade next year which will serve as testbed like other similar VN based fighting games such as Aqua Pazza and Melty Blood. So far the playable shown characters are Ein and Mora which were playable in the previous game and i think they should retain some of the moves from it as well. The Soukou Aki Muramasa Heroine is one of the new cast shown to debut in the series as playable character. Apparently the Nitro Blaster will also incorporate Partner system where Hello World! heroine shown to be one of them which looks like some downgrade as well. F/Z Saber will be featured in the game as well which i wonder will she be playable this time. I hope this game will have more fluid fighting mechanics compared to previous game which is highly likely and at very least the game would ported to console or PC sometime later. I would get the game if it ever popped up in Vita which i wished Aqua Pazza or Melty Blood did. Also i wonder if Type-moon will ever release Tsukihime x Fate Crossover fighting game so Shiki could kill some Servants.

You could find my review of the previous Nitroplus fighting game here which include all ending CGs

Nitro Royale - Heroines Duel

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