Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Haiyore! Nyaruko Chan

     One thing that i learn from Japanese Anime is that nothing escaped Japanese from their moefication and even Lovecraftian Horror become the victim. Haikore! Nyaruko Chan or more like My Nyarlathotep can't be this cute is your typical wacky Slapstick Slice of Life with Beta Protagonist. The difference is that the series stars Nyarlathotep as the main heroine lusting for the Male MC with Cthugha as a Yuri girl and Hastur as cute trap boy. While i am not that well versed in Lovecraftian Lore i read abit Call of Cthulhu rulebooks and play Arkham Horror so at very least i know that their depiction in the anime is totally different than the one in the western media. I thought Demonbane was rather silly adaptation of Lovecraftian Horror but Nyaruko-chan is even sillier. Nevertheless the anime is still watchable with the selling point of parodies everywhere as Nyaruko kept referencing stuff from popular japanese culture especially /m/ and toku related stuff. So this is good anime to test your powerlevel. I finished both seasons already and will be glad to watch another continuation since it is quite hilarious series. For Lovecraftian fans out there just watch the anime with open mind and you will enjoy it too though i bet Lovecraft will be rolling in his grave if he saw this.

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