Sunday, June 28, 2015

Omamori Himari

Rather generic Youkai manga but the harem element certainly done well here, or probably its only redeeming point. Again seeing the pic on /a/ makes me giving the manga a read. The story is about a boy who possess Demon Hunter Blood and upon reaching age 16 he met beautiful cat girl who claimed to be his protector and shit hits the fan from there one and the boy slowly gain his harems. As i said the story is as generic as it gets and i kinda find the story flow is rather horrible and i doubt the anime is any better. But this is one of those few manga that the MC gets to tap his Harems even though it only happen on last chapter and the MC is not too Beta as well. Favorite girl in the manga is the MC's Fiancee who seems cold but very adorable when she went Dere mode. Also here is the Harem scene pic that makes me read the manga, since it is abit risque so tread with your own discretion

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