Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Watching how /a/ raged on this series i decided gave the translated Web Novel a shot and overall it is pretty much amalgamation of Tate Yuusha and RE:Monster. The premise is about a beta-guy end up transferred to RPG world along with his classmates and being the weakest he eventually got betrayed and left for dead. Raged being betrayed, the beta eventually turned to emo/edgy OP Alpha guy with harem of multiracial girls lusting for him. The series pretty much comes out from the latest trend of reincarnation of beta dude becoming most op guy ever and steamrolling the bad dudes which is just pretty much a platform of self-inserts for otaku dude. In terms of writing, it is on par with Tate Yuusha so it is rather mediocre and uninspired. The only redeeming point of the series is that Arifureta got one of the best Vampire Loli and the MC actually tapped her. At the moment the translated WN is halfway through the series and currently the Japanese version is supposedly on the last arc. Given that i bothered to give the series a read, i might just finished the whole series.

Here is the link for the WN translation:

Translated WN

Original WN

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