Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mushoku Tensei -Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu-

Marathoning the translated WN after reading the last Arifureta and while i got some complaints about the series it is still enjoyable read at the end. Out of the reincarnation based Fantasy i heard Mushoku Tensei is one of the popular one though just like most WNs it is not that outstanding but still passable. Like the similar pandering series, the series main protagonist is a fat loser otaku who died miserable death and end up reborn as a child named Rudeus in RPG esque world with surprisingly high talent of Magic. As Rudeus grows up he meets different strong people, explored the world, gathering harems and end up serving powerful being to fight against scheming deity. From the way the story being told, Rudeus story served as prologue of the Author's series which is not clear yet.

In the story, Rudeus main role is preparing the Allies which will include his descendants for Orsted to fight against Laplace and Human God especially the later since that guy scheming to kill Rudeus families. What sets apart Mushoku Tensei with other similar WNs is that the Author bother starts the story from Rudeus infanthood which is not that good writing but will get better and continues till Rudeus Adulthood. I find the middle part of the series to be enjoyable which is roughly around later half of Rudeus Journey with Eris till Eris Reunion and Marriage. From Volume 17 onwards i find the writing style of the Author is rather rigid. The flow of the series is somewhat not too creative from there along with the usage of weak plot device, i find this is the main weakness of the series. The other weakness of the series is that the romance part is not too good despite Rudeus got 3 Wives and the Author definitely need to improve on this part. As for Rudeus his character is mixed bag, despite the main char is 34 Year Old guy i guess he didn't get any much wiser. Lastly the Battle parts and World Building is not that interesting either but i suppose it can be fixed as well with later series. While Mushoku Tensei overall is another mediocre title at list its position is slightly ahead of Arifureta so there is not much loss giving the series a read considering it got complete translation already.

Out of Three Rudeus Wife, Eris is my favorite pick for Rudeus Partner despite her violent temper, her journey with Rudeus on early chapter fleshes her character out and developed genuine affection for him. This makes her and Rudeus rather adorable couple though more dere moments would have been better. I will look forward when the manga will portray this part of the story.

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