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Sakura Taisen 2 Playthrough part 2

Maria,Sumire and Reni's Ending completed!

Sakura Taisen 2 Ending CGs

Took me long enough to get motivated finishing the 4th Ending for my Sakura Taisen 2 which makes 4 more girls to complete the route for the game. While the attempt is not too hard repeating the final stages is not that fun especially the final boss are rather tedious. After clearing Sakura's route, i used my midpoint savefile to clear Maria, Sumire and Reni in the respective order. While i enjoy Sumire's ending the most, i find Reni's route story is rather interesting. This time in this post i will shed abit more story of Sakura Taisen 2 related to each character.

After the Kiseki no Kane (Miracle's Bell) Arc you get to date the character that you picked as the lead for the play which Sakura took you to her hometown meeting her mother. As for Maria, i should have finished her route in Sakura Taisen 1 first. But anyway Ichiro accompany her to Yokohama meeting with Director Yoneda's friend and Teikoku Kagekidan's supporter. During the trip to Yokohama, Maria and Ogami went to see Coastal View of Yokohama and Maria talk more about her past and her survivor's guilt but Ogami promise Maria to come together and see Yokohama again once the fight is over.

As for Sumire's Date, Ogami is taken back to Sumire's Mansion which were in the earlier episode and in here Sumire confront her parents and grandfather. While she is tsun-tsun towards them in the end she really care about them. Also during the date, Ogami got an opportunity to peek at Sumire's letter which contains her feeling toward Ogami and of course she will go tsun-tsun if she finds out. Also during the date Ogami get to eat Sumire's homecooking which is rather hazardous and Sumire's father wished he had a share too.

As for Reni's Chistmas, hers is rather special and it really feels that this arc meant for her. Through the Christmas event and the date Reni's character is really fleshed out because she doesn't interact much in earlier episodes. Living her life as child genius experiment she was very emotionally detached at first when she joined Teikoku Kagekidan but with her interaction with Iris and after the confrontation with Suiko Reni begins to open up. But i feel that the date event is where she really opens up to Ogami.

For her Date, Reni and Ogami went to a local Shrine for celebrating New Year which they draw charms and Ogami got bad luck related to water and shortly Ogami got drenched for saving a kid. While waiting Ogami's cloth dries up Reni talked that she was really alone before she joins Teikoku Kagekidan but it was no longer since she got people precious to her and she was happy that she get to meet with Ogami.

These are the 2nd Combination attacks of Maria, Sumire and Reni which kinda make you forget that the game got mecha tactical RPG in it but from the special attacks i kinda remembered the original 5 girls were named after flower and each got respective meaning. I still wonder if Reni is one but her last name means "Milky Way" in German

After finished 4 of Sakura Taisen 2 Route i think i will go back clear the rest of Sakura Taisen 1 endings which probably require another one fresh playthrough and then go clear Sakura Taisen 2 remainder Girls route before moving to the 3rd. Sakura Taisen series story is far from perfect but it still got really solid cast of characters and the musics are very memorable too.

and again here are the Endings for each characters:

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