Monday, June 8, 2015

Ghost in the Shell Arise

A worthy continuation of the series indeed! Initially when the new design was released i thought the new OVA going to suck but as i watched the 4 OVAs GiTS Arise has proven itself. While appearance-wise it is different, Arise still retains the essence of the series which attracted its fans; what you found in previous series titles you will still find in Ghost in the Shell: Arise. The OVA still tells the story about the adventure of Major Motoko Kusanagi investigating crimes that usually always end up to conspiracies related to government and kicking some ass at the same time. The OVA serves more like the SAC prequel around the part where she assemble her elite team of Section 9 but at the end of the OVA there are some foreshadowing to things linked to SAC's story. In terms of looks, Motoko's new design is less sensual compared to SAC's Motoko and emphasized more on cool factor. While Atsuko Tanaka doesn't reprise Motoko's role this time, Maaya Sakamoto did very good job on portraying Motoko considering she's one of the better VA imo just not too popular for some reason. While it was a pity that Origa no longer able to contribute more GiTS soundtrack, the current one is quite good enough. So for those GitS fans who are hesitant to give the new series a watch, hesitate no more and give the OVA a watch.

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