Sunday, October 4, 2015

Muv-luv Integral Works

Should have posted this when i finished Alternative but seeing the recent kickstarter attempt by Age to bring Muvluv series to the west makes me kinda want to write a post about this. While now i still hate the series since it was ruined by fanservice and ultranationalist pandering, but i do still like mecha designs which are the best part of the series in my opinion. The series do have the artbook specifically for the TSFs called Integral Works which contained most of the TSF designs, personally i find Ni0 did good job on designing the mecha for the series. The book has been out for a long time already and cost around 4000 Yen, would have got one if i could find cheap copy though prolly i will save the opportunity till i went to Japan. Probably i have said this many times but Muvluv as series went well till Alternative even though it is not the most original thing ever. But afterwards the series just went downhill went it goes tryhard route and things gets rather derpy and adding balloon tits along with "Japan is the Master Race" attitude just make things even worse. Nevertheless i will still collect the Volks A3 and the Koto kits


  1. I was able to buy this book back then when the fan translation of Alternative was just released. It is quite impressive due to all the lore and details it contains, hopefully they fully translate it as part of the KS thing, but I really doubt it, since it is a freaking brick of a book.

    I agree with you, the series went down straight to the gutter after that, and the Total Eclipse adaptation didn't help. Perhaps the KS may revive it for the better, but let's not get ahead of ourselves (have you donated something? I'm still on the fence).

    Also I wanted to ask you, since you own some of the Volks A3 figures. Are they bad in terms of quality or something? I ask this because I keep seeing them pop in Mandarake for some really cheap prices and I remember these things were quite expensive a few years ago.
    Now you can buy Eagles for 1000 yen each and most of the figures rarely break the 3000 yen mark, which seems weird for what were supposed to be super limited releases.
    That prompted me to give it a shot and snag a Type 00R and a Shiranui, but I'm kinda anxious of what I'll end up with.

  2. The problem with A3 is the articulation which are rather limited but still posable but the sculpt is good enough to warrant a purchase. The A3s on Mandarake are mostly 2nd Hands that's why they are cheap though some models worth more than other like Ikaruga's Type 00-R. But you should be able to get regular Type 00R for 3000 and Shiranui around 2000 Yen.

    I am not interested with donating the KS since i am through with the series but still hoped the best for Age

  3. I came across Ami Ami having pre-loved Volks A3 Muv Luv mecha going @ good discount as well. Perhaps you can take a browse. I mainly go for the regular UN Shiranui, very much for the design of the shield.

  4. Well, I got my purple Type-00R. It is quite nice and yes, the articulation is pretty lacking and in my case, the horn came quite warped, but that's only noticeable from the front.
    That aside, the sculpt is pretty good and more importantly, the figure is quite big, when I was expecting something much smaller.
    I think I'll try to get a few more of these, at least the white Takemikazuchi, along the U.N. Gekishin, Fubuki and Shiranui trio.

  5. I do collect A3s because of these reasons, while articulation wise it is worse compared to Revoltech; when it comes to sculpt it is quite well made not to mention that this lineup has the biggest coverage of Muvluv TSFs. Fubuki and Shiranui should be easy enough to get though i think UN Gekishin are rather uncommon compared to F-4s but you should be able to get them for cheap but as for Type-00A i never seen them any lower than 4000 Yen