Thursday, January 7, 2016

SRDS Cybuster

 From the Kotobukiya's SRDS Lineup i would have expected Cybuster would get one soon or later and it turns out it will be getting one on April this year. The kit comes with the price tag of 6000 yen which is rather steep for SD kit even though the sculpt looks so good and will surpass the Deformover version on good modeler. There will be also Limited Edition which is website exclusive that comes with Vanity Ripper and Base action with slightly higher price tag of 7800 Yen.

Based on Dunbine's design, Cybuster is one of the earliest SRW original and it plays a big part in helping the series reaching its current position. Probably Cybuster is the SRW unit with the most colorful background as well, it is the main star of joint project between SRW and Winkysoft which eventually got into awkward position as both company got into dispute resulting in Cybuster getting a bastard cousin named Rayblade and anime series loosely related which i heard was terrible. When i took my first step on SRW series i didn't have much impression on Cybuster but eventually went to respect the mecha as i played Masoukishin series. As for the next SRDS lineup i think the SRX team would have a good chance.


  1. I also preordered it but man, talk about expensive, for its price you could get one of the best MG Gundam kits out there.
    As for the next kit of the line, the Thrudgelmir had a prototype at the same time they revealed the one of the Dygenguard, so I think that one will be the next kit to be released.
    After that, either the R-1 or even the SRX would be really cool to see.

    1. Since Gundam's Market are bigger than SRW it is understandable that Kotobukiya need to push higher price for their model to make up for production cost due to lesser demand for the toys.

      On the brighter side SRDS are still cheaper than Deformover and even will look more impressive on good hands.