Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CFB Enraged Rajang Review

 A quick review for the Figurine of the most ferocious Monster from Monster Hunter Series, Rajang. Bought this from Taobao for 280 RMB which is around 5600 Yen and i think it was a good deal. Apart from the price the reason why i decided to get the figure even though my favorite monster is Teostra is that i held great respect for the monster that gave quite a hard time back in my early hunting days. Rajang in MH series is well known as a Super Saiyan glass cannon, capable of dealing serious damage easily killing noobs despite having low hp. Aside being a murder machine the main issues that most hunters will face against Rajang is breaking both horns which are needed for its armor set. Since it is one of the more agile monster in the game and it dies easily, breaking the horns would be a hard task if your team are not coordinated and generally you will have better luck on Solo if you are good enough. I used to have problems with this guy in MHFU but as i played 4U Rajang become more manageable and i farmed his Grank Armor by myself with Empress Set and Daora Lance though most people use GS to snipe the horns.

The CFB version of the Rajang Figure comes in SSJ Mode on alert stance ready to pounce or fling monster bone on its left hand at unsuspecting hunters with both hands hardened. Personally i think the figure is quite impressive capturing the sheer ferocity of one of the most feared monster in the series though my gripe with my figure is that the hue of the back yellow hair is not that consistent. Definitely the figure is worth to get if you like the series and i am still crossing my hand on the Zinogre which looks impressive too. Without much further delay here are the pics.

ITS OVER 9000!
You are quite a persistent one!
The little brother joins the fray!

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  1. Ferocious beast there! The size seem pretty decent and hey! I like the little brother! Lolz