Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SRW OG: The Moon Dwellers

 Have been expecting J Originals popping out to OG Saga soon or later since i played SRW J years ago and just now the upcoming SRW OG title just did that. As the 25th Anniversary of SRW series Banpresto announced new SRW OG game for PS3 and PS4 called The Moon Dwellers which you would expect plenty of J Originals in Action. Not much has been revealed so far but Granteed shows as the representative of SRW J accompanied by SRW GC Original as the new entries for the OG timeline and D Originals made it back as well. For now we haven't seen Calvina and Festenia yet but probably they will show up later. In my opinion i think The Moon Dwellers will probably serve as some sort of OG2 Gaiden as i doubt OG timeline will be concluded with The Moon Dwellers. While i won't be able to play the Game i will be looking forward to Raftclans reappearance and wonder if Cobray will pop up at all in this game?

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