Saturday, January 2, 2016


 Happy New Year 2016! and another amusing Fantasy manga i found out there. If i am going to explain Helck in one sentence it would be One-Punch man in fantasy setting, the story is not exactly the same but the selling point of the manga is kinda similar. The Story is about a Human Hero called Helck who joined a tournament in Demon World to become the new Demon King after the last Demon King was killed by a hero. While the crowd loves Helck with his prowess in the tournament, the Tournament's overseer who happen to be one of the big wig in the Demon world is not amused with a Human joining a tournament to elect the new Demon King and Hijinks ensues as the Overseer try to disqualify Helck. While Helck seems to be the paralel of Saitama from OPM he kinda remind me of Emperor of Mankind from 40k series with his build and appearance which is wonder to be coincidence at all. Also the story mainly told from the perspective of the Overseer who is kinda Tsundere towards Helck and we could see her Dere times one of this day. Anyway if you like One-Punch Man or like Fantasy in general you might give the Manga a read and thanks to a miracle worker the chapters are translated quite fast recently.

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