Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mechatalk: My Top 5 SRW Kit Wishlist

It has been AGES since i wrote the last Mechatalk Article. In this post i will discuss my Top 5 SRW Originals that i wished Kotobukiya or someone else to make the Plamo or Toy out of it. Even though the post is Plamo related since i will discuss the reasons why these mechs deserve one which involve the Fluff of the Series i guess it qualified as a Mechatalk Post. By the way Archlich made really glorious mecha illustrations even if it is not Five Stars Stories.


The first in the list would be Ashsaver from SRW A Originals. I don't have much impression about Ashsaver back when i played OGs but as i played Unnecessarily brutal  SRW A Portable i did grow attached to the mecha even though it will always be overshadowed by Soulgain. Ashsaver is a cool Real Robot design but for some reason it is doomed as Support unit in my Gaiden Playthrough. Also one interesting thing about Ashsaver is that all of its Ranged Weapon are named after Melee Weapons.


In the 4th of my list it is Raftclans! It is love in the first sight when i saw this guy in Action and i even bothered to do 4 playthroughs just to get to use this guy in SRW J which was quite a Chore. To me Raftclans represents the ideal design of Protagonist's Real Robot; Minimalist, yet still looks cool and imposing. In my opinion it is one of the best Yanase's design surpassing his 00 Stuffs in my book. With the upcoming SRW game i will look forward to Raftclans appearance with the treatments it deserve. Hopefully Kotobukiya will release the kit to capitalize the opportunity once the game is released.

3. Vegalion

 In the third place we got Vegalion from Terrestrial Dream Series. The sole reason i want a Vegalion is to combine with Altairlion forming Hyperlion AKA Gunbuster Real Robot version. Kotobukiya had made Altairlion back then and i had one collecting dust and it was kinda weird not to release Vegalion to follow up probably due to lack of popularity tho. While i don't have much attachment with the Hyperlion, Ibis is probably one of my favorite OG character. Just like Setsuko, Ibis character's designed to need a hug with ordeals she went through. At the moment I am doing SRW Alpha 2 Playthrough, while Ibis is probably the worst choice for first run i will definitely make it to the end.

2. Granveil

Out of 4 Masoukishins Granveil is easily my number 1 favorite trumping over Cybuster and just like Raftclans it was love in the first sight when i played Masoukishin for the first time. The reason i like Granveil is simple, it is a Hotblooded mecha for Hotblooded badass like Yanlong. From the first game to Pride of Justice, Granveil is my Ace unit without fail. I do like Masaki and Cybuster and Midorikawa is really awesome guy to keep reprising his role over 20 Years but Kazuhiko Inoue playing as Hotblooded character are just too awesome. To me it is fine whether the kit is the normal version or the Possession form since Granveil is awesome either way.

1. Dis Astranagant

 Well what do you expect from the blog that put Dis on its Header? For me Dis is the perfect embodiment of Death Incarnation in the form of mecha. You don't need to be gigantic or packing so much dakka to wreck your opponent and for this reason Dis Astranagant is in the top of my Wishlist. It is not anytime soon that Dis will got a kit but i will be patiently waiting for one

Honorable Mentions

While ACE is not related to SRW but due to the crossover nature of both games i find that both series would interact well regardless. ACE did make some good looking originals and i do really like the Exbrau with its swappable forms. While not all of the Variants are well designed at very least B and G version of Exbrau are the better ones in my opinion. ACE 3 was really enjoyable ride for a mecha fans though i think Exbrau could appear more than just one game

It would have been truly a waste for these designs not getting a Physical representation available for the fans considering these are quite some Gorgeous mecha designs but unfortunately Japan is very well known to waste good potentials and prefer to stick to shitty products that appealed for masses. While i think half of the list got garage kits, it is not very accessible for mecha fans outside Japan. Which SRW OG mechas that you personally wished to have a plamo for it? Feel free to mention yours whether you only have just one or several of them from your list!


  1. hmm i have my own :
    5. thrudgelmir
    4. neo granzon
    3. galaxy whirlwind bryger
    2. VF1-J millia
    1. dis astranagant

  2. Both Thrudegelmir and Neo Granzon had plamo kits already even though the former is hard to find nowadays. Whereas Bryger and VF-1J Millia doesn't count as SRW Originals but they should have some toys for them. Dis had a statue for it though it would have been awesome if it had the posable version.

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  4. Oh yea, i hear about those damn dis astranagant statue very rare because limited production, that's make it sense why the price soo expensive... especially in my country haha