Monday, January 25, 2016

Reassembled some of my Kits

 It took me two days for me to sort these kits from the box as i packed everything in one box back when i moved out from Sydney which causes the nightmare. More or Less i am still glad that majority of my kits are still mostly intact despite the rough journey even though i won't be able to treat them as toys anymore because these kits get brittle as they ages. To me these kits represents the culmination of my skills in Modelling when i was getting into the hobby for 3-5 years. While i messed up some and wasted plenty of good kits, at very least i won't repeat the same stupidity that i did in the past when i get back to the hobby again which will be soon enough. All of these kits have been reviewed before and if you can name all of them without seeing my reviews, your /m/ power level should be pretty good.

1 comment:

  1. A good assortment of kits with mecha from various anime and games. I understand the pain of shifting kits and how fragile they can be. As a collector myself, it always a challenge whenever I try to shift or clean my kits. Lolz