Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Wonderfest 2016 highlights

As always Wonderfes showcases the amazing merchandise for Japanese Anime and Game industry and for this time i got my attention on the Figurines. For this time there is no particular mecha that piqued my interest though Kotobukiya and other companies do bring some decent stuff. As for the figurine the figma section is still saturated with Fate stuffs but there are several things that makes me hyped. After a long time since the GSC rendition finally we got a new Sakura figurine from Sakura Taisen which looks really gorgeous, The prototype figure of Sakura is posed with carrying mantle based on Sakura Taisen 4 Opening. On the Kaiyodo section we got some prototypes of some more Monster Hunter Action Figure but what catches me the most is that it appeared that Kaiser X is shown among the prototypes. I used Full Kaiser X quite alot in 4 Ultimate considering Teostra was my favorite monster and i am glad it is getting an action figure quite soon and i hope it comes with the Teo Lance. And lastly i am quite surprised Ushio and Tora gets a nendoroid. While the series is no doubt good Shonen series, GSC tends to make Nendos for Moe stuffs and usually they neglect series that doesn't have cute girls. In any case i hope we will have prototype for Persona 3 MC soon enough.

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