Thursday, February 25, 2016

ZA 1/100 Mugen Liger

 Ever since i have watched Zoids Genesis i wonder if there will be some renewal in the series product by Tomy. It appears that Kotobukiya have released Murasame Liger a while ago in lineup called Zoids Aggressive which is a new Action Figure Lineup released by Kotobukiya. Unlike HMM lineup which are Plastic Models, it seems that ZA is a finished product, ready to play action figure and i guess the Zoids Genesis going to be the litmus paper for this new lineup. The ZA Mugen Liger is going to be released around middle of this year with the price tag of 6800 Yen. At first i was hyped to think Mugen Liger finally got a plastic kit since i think Mugen was the coolest looking out of Murasame Varients but it turns out to be Action Figure. While the product would be good nonetheless, i still prefer a Plamo since you can be proud with your own result of Labor so will be still waiting for a HMM instead. Mugen Liger was the final form of Murasame combining the strength of Murasame and speed of Hayate. Ruuji piloted this form nearing the end of the series facing the Genesis version of Deathsaurer. Personally i think Genesis got what it takes to be more than a toy commercial but i guess toy sales matters more. If these Murasame Liger Variants Action figure sold well i think we will see more premade Zoids action figure in the future.

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