Saturday, February 6, 2016

Variable Action Koubu Ogami Custom get!

 I have been waiting to get this toy for a while already ever since i played Sakura Taisen on my PSP. Personally the reason why i bothered to go through lengths in order to get the toy is because i think Ogami is quite awesome guy and the Variable Action lineup happens to be the best representation of his mech so far for physical merchandise. While the Hanagumi maidens are the main selling point of the series, i find Ogami is very manly for a harem protagonist compared to the betas nowadays and he is one of the best example for his archetype done right instead of straightaway delusional self-inserts.   Hopefully i will review the toy  before i am going back to China which should be doable and after seeing the Variable Action i am rather curious with the Wave's lineup for Sakura Taisen Koubus which they happen to manufacture around decade ago. I also just realize that the Megahouse's Koubu was the rendition of Sakura Taisen remake on PS2 where each Koubus got personalised design which is kinda hit or miss but at least for Ogami it was a hit.

Some Bonus pic

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