Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Non Scale EF-2000 Typhoon Wilfried Eichberger Custom

 If i ever get an EF-2000 Typhoon kit to build i will probably pick this version. A while after the first EF-2000 Typhoon got released Koto released this version of Typhoon  in black color scheme which included the Fort-Class Killer sword as well. In the Muvluv series this Customized Typhoon belongs to one of the best German's Ace Eishi with the nickname Black Konigswolf, Wilfried Eichberger who serve as the Captain of Cerberus team. Wilfried appeared briefly in the Muvluv Alt Chronicles 2 Adoration chapter where he greets the Seijuurou for joint training program with the Cerberus Squad. In the muvluv series Wilfried is kinda like ATX team equivalent of Kyosuke considering he gives similar distant and imposing aura while partnered with Love interest who's good at Ranged combat. The kit's price was rather stiff as well but one of these days i will probably find the cheap one. As for the White Konigswolf version there was a web exclusive for the kit but i think it is easy enough to just get the regular Typhoon and paint it with its custom color scheme.

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