Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shiranui UN Finished!

Welp it was almost 4 years since the last time i worked on the kit and i just finished working on the kit with the Painting supply i recently get. Back then the kit was 90% finished and all i do this time is handpainting some details and topcoating the kit. As it is my first kit i ever handpaint on, the result is rather sloppy but it will definitely get better eventually as i get hang of it. Will be posting review once i got my DSLR considering my mobile phone camera won't cut for it.


  1. I have this kit as well. Had so far snap-fitted and somehow I stopped the progress. It's has got a nice design. In fact, I consider the best looking among other Muv-Luv mecha.

  2. Literally the poster boy of Muvluv series despite Takemikazuchis everywhere. Try collecting the A3 Dennis

  3. I think I bought the VOLKS figure at convention like 2 years but and forgotten to review it. I was delighted that time as the sale booth person gave me an additional figure without the weapon. Anyway, the original set has enough weapon for at least 2 units. Think the figure's drawback was that the antenna on both sides of the head tends to bend downwards over time.

    1. While A3 Articulation will never be as good as Kotobukiya's, they still make very good display on your cabinet