Saturday, February 13, 2016

Non Scale Type-94 Shiranui Isumi Valkyries

It has been like 4 Years after the first release of Non Scale Shiranui and it appears that Kotobukiya intended to release the definitive version later this year. Released around June this year with the price tag of 6800 Yen The kit comes with complete accessories to emulate all 4 different roles in Isumi Valkyries Squad. Personally i find the kits price tag is rather high considering the 2000 Yen difference is to include the Missile Pod and 2 Sniper Rifles only which you could have got from other Muvluv Kits. If You have bought other Muvluv Kits before probably you won't find the kit to be appealing but it does make a good choice for the first Muvluv Kit. In any case i will be crossing my finger if i ever need another new Shiranui.


  1. The price tag is really high for it. The only real add on compared to the previous kit is the inclusion of the missile launchers.
    I'll be patient enough to wait for a HLJ sale, that's how I got my own blue Shiranui for like 1000 yen.

  2. dang 1000 Yen for Koto Shiranui is such a good catch