Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FAF Wildwurger + Wildfalken Twin Bird Strike Pack Review

 If you follow my blog long enough, you will know that Wildwurger is one of my most favorite SRW OG Mecha. Considering that i havent been doing much coverage for Mecha stuff lately, might as well writing a review on my recent addition to SRW collection! Got this somewhat rare stuff from Mandarake with somewhat reasonable price if not for horrible credit card ninja fees. You can also check my previous review of FAF Wildwurger Here

 Volks had Wildfalken and Wildwurger sold separately in their FAF Lineup but they decide to resell them in one package considering they are meant as a pair. The Twin Bird Pack includes High Mobility Wildwurger and Wildfalken in one package with some extra parts. For the extra parts the TBS Pack include Wildfalken's Open Tesla Drive to re-enact the Twin Bird Strike Maneuver as well as movable standing base which unfortunately i didn't get which is part of the risk for buying 2nd Hand stuff. In terms of Sculpt, Volks did a superb job but as always articulation are always a problem.

 When Wildwurger purges its Jacket Armor, it enters High Mobility Mode which grants Considerable speed boost to pull off even more devastating melee strike! Like the Regular version, Volks Rendition of High Mobility Wildwurger got issues with the Beetle Crusher being flimsy and easily drops when being posed. Since i have the Regular FAF Wildwurger taking some shot with both version standing side to side does look cool after all!

 As a matching pair for Wildwurger, Wildfalken is designed to provide ranged support with Its Ochstan Rifle which just like Weissritter's have both solid and beam ammunitions available. Compared to the Wildwurger, the FAF Wildfalken suffer worse articulation mainly due to the poor sculpt for the hand holding the Ochstan Rifle that makes Wildfalken's pose severely limited. Anyway i used to buy Seolla's figurine long time ago and not a bad thing to take some shot along with the Wildfalken.

 Arado: Lets do this Seolla!
Arado: Jacket Armor Purge, Wing Open! Drive Full Power!
Seolla: Tesla Drive Full Power Boost!
Arado: EIN!
Seolla: ZWEI!
Arado: DREI!

Arado: Lets go home Seolla, Irui is waiting for us
 Trying my best to reenact the Twin Bird Strike attack with both FAF Wildwurger and Wildfalken in which this is the best i could pull off with limited articulation of FAF series. Seriously i would love to buy Wildwurger and Wildfalken again if Kotobukiya rework the SRW kits again and i am still trying to find another 1/100 Wildwurger to work on.


  1. Lots of envious bro! It's nice to see the sibling set and I do have that Seolla figure was well. My unit is the kotobukiya kit and awesome to them placed side by side. Nice posing there, you must have spend lots of time on this post. Sometimes, I feel that we shared a lot in common on likings in mecha stuffs ^_^

    1. Haha we certainly share some common liking on Mecha stuffs Dennis :)