Sunday, March 19, 2017

Starting SD Gundam Genesis

 While i am waiting for my Japanese copy of SRW V i am getting back to SD Gundam G Generation series. Recently i got myself a japanese copy for SD Gundam Genesis which i started to play after i completed SD G Gen Overworld. Using Vita TV the Graphic of Gundam Genesis is very gorgeous indeed and yet another step up from its predecessors. Like G Generation Spirits, Genesis only cover Universal Century series only and to be specific the early ones. I like Universal Century in general though i DO hate Gundam Unicorn taking the spotlight.

 After playing couple of stages, My first impression of G Generation Genesis is rather negative. Mainly because Genesis followed the same formula with G GenPortable which means straight retelling the story of Gundam series. Having seen this practice done many times over in Gundam Games do makes you sick of it. I guess Bandai is just being lazy because they could have made alternate take on Gundam series with this kind of game. But nope, instead they wasted effort on which the original work done a splendid job already. The gameplay mechanics do get better though as you need to put more effort on getting stuffs like Ace Pilots or Warships and Warships had more use compared to the previous iteration. While it appears that Gundam Genesis has no Custom BGM feature, The Devs at least put more effort on the BGM department this time. While i am seeing myself will not really enjoy this game i will at least finished the Unit Collection. I just hope Bandai is considerate enough to release another Gihren's Greed Iteration on Vita someday.


  1. This game is non my top list and sure play if I upgrade to PS4. Can't wait to form my GM squad.

    1. Having English sub for the game helps too!

  2. SD gundam genesis is perfect for UC fans,especially debut from AOZ seriesa and thunderbolt... damn, i gotta love every single AOZ unit on this game, fujioka kenki make superb design