Sunday, March 26, 2017

MG 1/100 Justice Gundam

 Wow i might be really sloppy to let this release announcement slip under my radar even though i don't follow Gundam as much as i used to be. Capitalizing the Providence Gundam release, Bandai announced the plan to release MG Justice Gundam on the mid of this year and cost as much Infinite Justice. Despite it took almost 10 years for Justice to get an MG treatment after its successor, it is never too late and to make up for it Justice Gundam got MG Freedom 2.0 Quality. Personally i prefer Justice Gundam compared to Infinite Justice because it was designed as Freedom Gundam's Equal not sidekick like the latter's, though being a closet fanboy of Athrun Zala helps too. Out of all mecha game, Another Century Episode 3 did the best rendition for Justice Gundam as it showcase all of its tricks that it can pull off. If i get back into modelling scene again which is not now as i am too occupied with my job, I will definitely get this guy on my list.


  1. Late Justice for this Gundam. I'm still having my old HG 1/100 Scale of this gundam lolz.

  2. i dont interest with the model or design, i still prefer providence for the choice (at least of three brothers ZGMF gundam class)... or, with similar design between aegis, infinite, infinite justice, savior and regenereate, i pick regenerate for the sure :)

    1. Each to their own. It is just that i used to be a big Athrun fanboy back in my teenage days