Sunday, March 12, 2017

Metamorforce "Bari"ation Baikanfu

 Straight after this year's Wonderfest, Sentinel immediately announce the Pre-order for Metamorforce Baikanfu! I think we are finally going to get a worthy replacement for Bandai's Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu which is rather dated by this time. Metamorforce Baikanfu will be released on June this year with hefty price tag 42660 which is about twice as expensive as the Former SOC. In exchange we are going to get Baikanfu with Obari Proportion which puts the toyish look of the Soul of Chogokin to Shame. From the prototype it seems the Metamorforce Baikanfu will retain most of the SOC selling point including the cool Pile Formation Gimmick which is Matryoshka equivalent in Mecha. The Sentinel Version of Baikanfu seems to be promising because Masami Obari himself give the greenlight on the project and even design the box cover for the product. I just hope the Articulation wouldnt be compromised too much due to the Pile Formation Gimmick.

Even us dont deserve to know his name!

 About the Mecha Itself Baikanfu is from Anime Series Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos. As an anime series it is terrible but it got very awesome Hotblooded Protagonist Rom Stoll with Awesome Kungfu Robot which really shines in SRW MX. where he hijack villain's screentime from time to time while denouncing them not deserving to know his name. I might get Metamorforce Baikanfu despite the hefty price tag because i have been planning to buy the SOC Baikanfu for a long time already and an cooler updated version happen to appear just now. Lets see when Sentinel will announce preorder for the rest of their products shown on the last Wonderfest.

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