Friday, March 31, 2017

Sakura Taisen Nendoroid 235 Shinguji Sakura & Koubu set Review

Blooming in the spring, cherry blossom of wishes, This flower can even bloom during a storm 

 Quoting Shinguji Sakura's character song from Sakura Taisen 1 this time i am doing proper review in the spirit of welcoming Spring Season.  I am never too fond of with Nendoroids but since there are not much premium Sakura Taisen merchandise these days i got this Nendoroid Sakura into my collection. While Shinguji Sakura is not my favorite heroine in the series, There is no doubt that she deserves her spot as the lead Heroine of the series and certainly plays a significant part in making Sakura Taisen a legendary series in Japan.

 Shinguji Sakura is the first Teikoku Kagekidan member that Ichiro Ogami met in his first day in Teigeki. During their fateful encounter at Ueno Park, Sakura instantly fallen for Ogami considering its hard to resist his sharp dashing look. In terms of character, being one of the Yamato Nadeshiko in the cast, Sakura is very gentle and caring about her teammates wellbeing. Out of all Teikoku Kagekidan member, Sakura is probably the most supportive toward Ogami. However when it comes to Ogami's love affair, Sakura easily get jealous and lose her composure when Ogami get along really well with other girl. Erica Fontaine from Paris Kagekidan prove to be the most dangerous rival for Sakura in winning Ogami's heart. Having Haja Blood running in her vein, Sakura possess very strong spirit power and In battle she wields her heirloom Katana as her weapon of choice.

Sakura: Erica, Ogami is mine!

Sakura: Koubu-Chan i choose you!

  While i always get disappointed with Nendoroids being an overpriced figure that is unable to stand properly but i guess Nendoroid Shinguji Sakura disappointed me further. The Nendoroid set really lacks accessories since Sakura could have a couple more hand parts and her Battle uniform. I guess most of the budget goes to the Koubu. While the Koubu really lacks proper articulation at least the sculpt looks decent enough.

Could have the pic shot at better angle

 Lately i have been experimenting with different backgrounds for my Shots and certainly it works wonders for Nendoroid Sakura too. While the Nendoroid is always terrible in my eye, at least the nendo could pull the pose from the iconic illustration of the series by Kosuke Fujishima even though it is not that perfect.

Shall we begin another round to decide who will marry Ogami-san ?
 I still wonder why GSC able to chug out so many Nendoroids for Moeshit waifus yet unable to make one for Ichiro Ogami or other Sakura Taisen cast? They could have capitalised the series anniversary and announced one. Though i still hope GSC will eventually release one.

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