Friday, March 17, 2017

Union Creative Monster Hunter Revo Kaiser X Blademaster

 After a year since the prototype being shown in Wonderfest, the Teostra Kaiser X action figure is being prepared for a release! Slated for August this year, the Kaiser X Blademaster is going to be sold for around 8000 Yen Price Tag and comes with Teostra Charge Blade as weapon of choice. As much as i hyped the Action Figure back when the prototype being shown i am kinda hesitant with the product as the final version of the Kaiser X being shown. Whether it is Bad photography or something else i feel that Union Creative doesnt do enough justice for the product in some way. So i guess i am changing my stance for the Kaiser X from Day 1 purchase to wait-and-see because i got to see the Final product myself before making the decision. In MH4U Kaiser X armor is one of the more accessible and popular Endgame Armor. The armor set itself is an offensive versatile set and it was my main armor of choice for my Lancer character.  Back when the online community was in its heyday you tend to see lots of players using this set though most mix the Kaiser X piece with Ukanlos X for easy Sharpness+1.

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