Friday, November 10, 2017

1/60 Perfect Grade Exia

 Perfect Grades are usually out of my radar since i only collect MG and its equivalent. But i might as well make an exception for Exia since i get firsthand account on the kit being a perk working at a Toy Company. Slated for December Release PG Exia is released in the commemoration of Gundam 00 series 10th Anniversary and it comes with two versions, Regular and LED costing around 18000 and 32000 respectively. The LED Version is different with previous LED Gunpla as it is capable of changing into different color. Since i got the opportunity to grope around the PG Exia, surprisingly i find Exia's PG design is rather simplistic. From the exterior it doesn't have much difference in terms of structural design when compared to MG but i am sure the inner frame proves otherwise. I thought for PG you don't need to swap the hands anymore but it appears to be otherwise for Exia. The LED Version looks cool when it is lit up but unfortunately personally i dont think it worth extra 14000 Yen. In order to lit up, the PG Exia needs to be attached at the stand base as the power source are stored there. The LED Structure model appears to be the same with PG Unicorn and for Exia's LED it got 3 different lighting modes. I guess highly complex standalone LED unit for PG is still a faraway dream but for Exia i am quite content with my Ignition mode for Exia. Just click the read more button to look at the shot i took for the PG Exia which is not exactly the best.


  1. Saw this exhibited at Gunpla Expo SG the other day and the best catch really is the LED lights that changes colour. If u ask me, it would go for Metal Build Gundam these days.

    1. AT first i was impressed with the LED too but with the Cost being considered, it is just too much for such feature.