Monday, November 20, 2017

HGUC 1/144 MS-15 KG Gyan Krieger

 For Gunpla i only care about 1/100 Scale Master Grade or its equivalent but this is another Exception straight after PG Exia i suppose. Slated for next year as P-Bandai exclusive with 1800 Yen, we are getting a model kit for Gyan Krieger at last! Gyan Krieger is an original Mobile Suit from Gihren's Greed being the Ultimate MS from Gyan family tree, Gyan Krieger serves as the counterpart of Gelgoog Jager should Zeon choose Gyan for its mainstay MS line. In Shin Gihren it is not the best unit Zeon could field in OYW but this thing literally murder everything in Melee! I had nightmares when i play EFSF campaign when facing these units but when i played as Zeon, i steamroll every EFSF unit that caught into melee with Krieger. As much as i love this MS, i won't be getting the kit since i only collect 1/100 Scale kits. Here is the Bios for Gyan Krieger from Shin Gihren


  1. Just like u, I’m also mainly into 1/100 scale.. nevertheless Gyan Krieger has a knightly concept which I’m always keen.. Still I will give it a miss...

    1. If i am really keen with the 1/100 i could have tried to kit bash once my modelling skill is good enough