Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Metamorforce Baikanfu GET!

 By far this is my most expensive purchase for Toys beating my Huckebein Boxer Model kit which i got for 14000+ Yen. Got this Metamorforce Baikanfu for roughly 38000 Yen which is good enough considering it generally will cost more when Shipping is considered. While i find Revenge of Chronos Anime to be a crappy Mecha series, Baikanfu's Stellar performance in SRW MX is good enough to make me become its Follower. From the first look of the Toy, i feel slightly disappointed with this Sentinel's take on Baikanfu because it sacrifice too much of its articulation. I can't ask for more with the Sculpt but articulation just leave alot to be desired. With the articulation issue haunting this product, Metamorfoce failed to fully surpass Bandai's SOC Baikanfu even though it has the potential. Someday i will definitely do a proper review that the Toy deserves.


  1. Kind I saw the actual toy on display at STGCC before and looks cool though.. Sentinel Toys not cheap though... I’m sure there is a satisfaction getting the toy we always wanted especially when a certain toy company bothers to manufacture mecha of old titles such as this..

    1. Sentinel toys costs premium in general but in return they are worth it most of the time