Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thermae Romae

 By far this is probably the best manga that was based on Roman Period and it was an award winning too. Ad Astra might come close but Thermae Romae simply is the best of its kind for making a solid series using Bath as the theme which straight makes it one of a kind manga. Taking on the period of Five Good Emperor Period, Thermae Romae narrates the story of a Roman Public Bath Engineer, Lucius Modestus. Whenever Lucius in need of inspiration, he somehow transported into Modern Japan and got into misadventure and gaining his needed inspirations in the process. Using Bath as a manga theme might sound weird but the Mangaka did a good job to keep the story interesting. The Mangaka couldn't done without intimate knowledge of Roman Civilization which she probably got from her study in Italy. Thermae Romae has finished its serialization in 6 Volumes which has got official translation though u can still find it hosted online even though it is harder to find. One of these days i probably give the movie a watch too despite FujiTV cheated the mangaka for her IP right.

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