Monday, November 27, 2017

Yami Starting Fate Grand Order

 Never thought i would touched this Gacha Game but it seems that curiosity gets the better of me. Being an oldguard of Type Moon series, My disdain toward Type Moon with the direction took with Fate series still remains. However as i gave FGO a try for a week, my opinion toward this game got slightly better. Now i can see why this game is one of the most popular Gacha Game out there, and to be honest, the FGO gameplay mechanics is quite good. In a way, Mobage serves really well for Fate as it provides the means to keep the interest of the series high longer than the time length than your regular video game could do. My main gripe with FGO is still with Oversexualized or Historically innacurate characters plaguing the servant Rosters. I am willing to play the game but compromising on the point that i will never use Servant characters that i find to be distasteful which probably constitute around 60-70%. Speaking of SSR, i happen to get Scathach as my first SSR which i even got it from my First roll. And apparently my friend said it will cause some serious amount of Salt because Scathach is one of the most highly sought servant in the game.

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