Thursday, November 9, 2017

CMS Corp Yuusha Heroine Collection

 CMS Corp was one of the best supporter for niche mecha series toys and it did great service for Yuusha series. I was lucky that i managed to get the whole set for literally five bucks but at the same time felt sad that how unappreciated these products are. It is a sad thing that CMS Company went bankrupt 3 Years ago and it was quite a mess too.

The CMS Yuusha Heroine Collection features Five Variants with One Secret character representing 6 out of 8 Yuusha Series. Exkaiser and Goldran was left out of this toy lineup as it probably lacks female character suitable to represent them. In terms of Quality for 630 Yen Candy Toy, i can't say that its quality is good and in fact it feels that it was a waste of material for the Figure Sculpt. To be honest i don't even think any people other than diehard Yuusha Fanboy will bother to get these Candy Toy Figures. Even so it is probably the only physical representation that some of these character will ever get.

 From Fighbird we got the figure of Haruka Amano, one of the grandchild of the professor who made the Physical vessel of Fighbird's Humanoid form, Katori. I can't even remember much of her quality by now other than the stern caretaker of her grandfather and sibling. I thought the Doctor who's Katori's love interest would suit better for the figurine but i suppose she is too old and plain to make for the cut.

 From Da Garn we got Hotaru Sakurakoji one of the love interest of the main character in the series. She looks gloomy most of the time in Da Garn but possess some clairvoyance type of psychic power, helping Seiji to locate the threat that Da Garn need to thwart against. Out of the this Yuusha Heroine figurines, i think Hotaru is the worst one out of the lot

 From Mightgaine we got Sally Yoshinaga, probably the best token Damsel in Distress and a straight Cinderella archetype in Yuusha series. In Mightgaine, Sally fell in love with Maito at the first sight after he rescued her Father's life by destroying the robot that causes blackout which jeopardize her Father's surgery. Throughout the series she is shown to in many different attires as she constantly switch Part-Time Job and always think about Maito. But eventually she becomes Maito's girlfriend though the anime sub haven't reach that point yet. Probably i will get her figurine if she somehow get a new one which is close to nonexistent.

 From J-Decker we got the main protagonist himself, Yuuta Tomonaga. This is the secret character of the Yuusha Heroine Collection and there is a reason why Yuuta manage to get a figure for Heroine lineup. Yuuta with his androgynous look supposed to be a Heroine initially but the idea probably scrapped by Takara's decision. However his initial concept remained on one of the J-Decker episode which show how Yuuta will look like if he was  a girl.

 From Dagwon we got Maria Tobe which would have fared quite well in Yuusha Heroine chart. In the series Maria is depicted as Occult Obsessed Childhood friend of the main character. She would have made good love interest if her romantic development weren't kinda rushed in the series. For her Yuusha Heroine Collection, she is posed to reenact the moment of the final episode where she waits for En in the midst of Snow after En doing near suicidal self sacrifice move to defeat the mqin villain. One interesting thing i find about Maria is that her Seiyuu play a role as Sleigh Presty in SRW series.

 And lastly from the King of Braves Gaogaigar, Mikoto Utsugi no doubt represent for the series. Out of Yuusha series main heroine Mikoto is probably the sexiest one considering her character designer Takahiro Kimura is responsible for Code Geass and Godannar character design which are no doubt have plenty of curvy and buxom female character in the casts.

It is unfortunate that back in 2014 CMS Corp went Bankrupt even though it was bound to happen. I don't know the details but the financial situation of CMS corp is bad enough that the CEO of the company committed Suicide. From this Yuusha Heroine Collection alone, CMS product quality are inconsistent at best which definitely spelled its doom in highly competitive industry like Japanese toy makers. CMS is a showcase of a toy company that failed to adapt with change and i don't think it will only end with CMS and Yamato. Considering climate of  the global economy are getting worse which in turn also affect Japanese toy industry.


  1. I admired CMS for bringing back many old mecha characters and reviving those memories.. even those trading figures are sculpted in their iconic pose in the anime! That’s dedication! I really like that figure with the Brave Saga robot bust..

    1. It is just unfortunate that with the harsh world of Toy Industry, this kind of singleminded pursuit will just end up in Bankruptcy.