Thursday, April 5, 2018

1/7 Jeanne Alter Dress

 Jeanne Alter is one of the most popular FGO Servant out there so she definitely gets a lot of merchandise! In Shinjuku Arc, for once Jalter cast off her cold demeanor and puts her feminine charm into play, wearing gorgeous dress for a dance in the final parts of the story. Her dance scene no doubt this captures a lot of FGO players affections toward Her. In no time Max Factory took the opportunity to capitalize Jalter since last year and they finally announced the release for her Dress version PVC Figure. Released on March next year with the price tag of 16500 Yen. For that kind of price you could get an Alter Quality figure already and i doubt Max Factory's Sculpt would be as good. For 16500 Yen price tag of this figure i think you are mostly paying for the premium of having one of the most popular character in the series in her most gorgeous form. Despite being pricey as usual i will get this particular Jalter Dress figurine for a reason. I made a bet with myself that i will be getting this figurine if i managed to pull her in the recent Da Vinci which i did at the cost of 90% of my SQ reserve. I think my FGO SSR Roster is halfway done by now with the addition of Jeanne Alter and my priority for next SSR would be Archer or Caster class.

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