Monday, April 2, 2018

Legend of Galactic Heroes Novel

 Finally managed to get the LOGH novel into my collection which i had already planned even since a western publisher picked the series up. Legend of Galactic Heroes still remain the best anime i have ever watched and i am doing what i can to support this Masterpiece. I recall the Novel had around 10 Volumes and so my collection is still halfway to go, the publisher is working up to 8th Volume now and i hope they will commit till the end. I think each volume of the Novel worth about 10-15 episodes of the original OVA. For now i have just finished the first volume which roughly cover until the conclusion of Amlitzer/Amritsar battle. Compared to the Novel, i think the OVA fleshes out more at some aspects for instance the OVA expands on the Schenkopp Recruitment and the Iserlohn Capture part. Reading the novel makes me appreciate the OVA even better since they perfected the novel which has been really good already. Anyway i think i will enjoy my experience reading through the novel.

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