Saturday, April 7, 2018

MG SEED Buildoff!

 It is another of those time where i got assignment to assemble some kits and this time it is for my Company's new store Display. My company recently opened branch is a more gundam oriented toy store and thus it needs Some display for Gundam kits. There are couple of displays to be made which i happen to help them draft and i got assigned to build the MG which are the original ZAFT Trio Gundam: Providence, Justice and Freedom Gundam. I feel the SEED version had better charm compared to the SEED Destiny counterpart since it is not ridiculously overpowered thus maintain its semblance of Real Robot. I think this will be a good practice for me when i get these gundam for my personal collection and certainly i look forward the new engineering that Bandai bring upon this Gunplas.


  1. The Providence is especially amazing, I suggest you get the DRAGOON effect parts for it.
    As for the Freedom, and I suppose, Justice, just be careful with the joint connector for the hips, it is rather infamous for snapping with ease.

    1. Noted. i think it is highly likely that i am getting these model kit for my personal collection since i do like the SEED Gundam designs.