Friday, April 27, 2018

Metamorforce God Gravion

 At last Sentinel made official release for their God Gravion which completes their Mecha Toy lineup from Last Year's Winter Wonderfest. To be released on August this year, as expected God Gravion will cost a leg to get one with 40000 Yen Price Tag. Gravion is one of the most approachable work made by Obari and it is the homage of Yuusha Series by concentrating on their strongest point. If this toy was in 20k-30k Yen Price Range i would have got it in a heartbeat but 40k is just too pricey. I don't think the sculpt will have any problem but Articulation might be compromised. I suppose building a toy from scratch is no easy task but charging an exorbitant price tag for a non mainstream series seems to be a bad business plan. I am curious what Sentinel had in store next time after releasing Gravion.

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