Monday, April 16, 2018

Fate/Apocrypha thoughts

 Tried to watch this one out of curiosity with the Apocrypha Servant appearance in FGO and to be honest this is easily the worst Fate anime adaptation so far. The Premise of 2 different team of 7 Servants class duking at each other for Holy Grail looks promising but failed in execution. I think Apocrypha is trying to showcase how a Holy Grail War could greatly derailed due to Magus that tried to play foul but simply failed. While the Servant casts are quite decent, it can't be said with the masters which are mostly boring and unlikable with only Mordred's master being the only exception. However the biggest offender for me is the main character which is one the worst Mary Sue i have seen so far being coveted by several servants for no good reason. At any case My favorite Servants would be Apocrypha are Chiron, Achilles and Karna which i hope the first two will make its appearance in FGO soon. Siegfried surprisingly is quite good in the series despite its lackluster performance in the game. As one of the Fate Anime, i don't think you will lose much from skipping Apocrypha.


  1. I like the anime very much though and now very tempted to get the figures : ) The anime is less complex now with more action and a less tragic ending.

    1. Apocrypha got plenty of figures indeed especially for Mordred, Astolfo or Jeanne. Recently we got those taito ufo-catcher figure which we open preorder for just 15 Bucks