Monday, August 6, 2018

Case Records of Professor Munakata

 I guess as you grow old your preference of taste does change after all! as i come to favor Seinen series over Shonen. Case Records of Professor Munakata is one of the random manga i come across which i immediately take an interest in, considering it deals on History and Mythology as its theme. The manga title itself is named after the main character Professor Munakata, who is a Professor that specialise in Folklore with Iron age myths as his main expertise. The main premise of the manga is all about the Professor using his expertise to resolve local mysteries which are often tied with Myths and Legends with occasional murder case. What interests me in this manga is its interpretation on certain Japanese Myths with its Paralel which are good food for thoughts even though sometimes rather farfetched. Reading this manga often reminded me of Naoki Urasawa manga especially Master Keaton which kinda deals on same subject as well. There was a prequel of this series called Legendary Musings of Professor Munakata which got more action bits as the Professor get to beat some cultists and more Supernatural encounters. Though i still prefer this one since it is more grounded to reality compared to the prequel.

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