Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gunpla Expo Indonesia 2018

 For the first time my company hosts Gunpla Expo for Indonesia in Jakarta last month. Over the span of three weeks, Gunpla Expo Indonesia 2018 was held in Mall of Indonesia. While i was in the background role for this event, i got enough time to do some coverage and might as well share it for those who are curious how this event look like in Indonesia.

 The main objective for my Company for this year's Gunpla Expo is no doubt to rack up good number on Sales with secondary objective to increase exposure of Gundam series to general public. To achieve the second objective, with the help of Bandai, my held couple of events including free Gunpla Assembling class for Kids including Freebie First Grade which had decent variations.

 Roughly 3/5 of the Venue are dedicated for Exhibitions, apart from the 3m Exia Statue, we do also have 1/10 Gundam Build Diver and Astray Red frame as extra props and some large size gundam Box. From Bandai they also send Samples for this year's Mid Campaign reward which i really eyes for the Tent.

 Apart from the Regular Gunpla items, we do also stock some limited items which sold in relatively affordable price. In the previous Gunpla Expo hosted by different company there was this serious case of Resellers hoarding the exclusive items so while the Resellers are still hoarding the Regular items, at least restriction was enforced for the Limited items. I think out of all the exclusive stuffs, i find the Clear version of Sazabi to be the best out of the lot and no doubt the allocated lots for this event are completely Sold out.

 Bandai are quite generous to send new products to be used as sample for the event which i happen to assemble some of them. I got to build model kits from SD to MG. As usual, engineering for Master Grade are superb and by this time they dont rely on polycap anymore. RE/100 is not exactly close to MG but good enough to give not so popular Mobile Suit an opportunity for 1/100 Model Kit. as for HG Phenex Narrative, i enjoyed this one the least since the plastic quality are just worse than standard Gunpla and for the regular version, it definitely meant to be painted. Lastly SD Cross Silhouette is a promising lineup for SD opening a new potential for customization which the price tag is the only constraint for it and i will do a further coverage for Cross Silhouette soon.

 To be honest there are rooms for improvement for next year's Gunpla Expo since this year's is kinda rushed mainly due to upper management problem who underestimate the magnitude of the task. But as long as the company got the right people for the task, next year's will be even better.


  1. It’s never easy to run roadshow like this and more often than not exhibitors frantically posing the Gunpla last minute. Especially with those stand-in helpers who are noobs to the industry. Then there are the pressures from reps from the ‘Big Red B’ upon the distributor. Well, I recently bought MG Jegan and GM Dominance and Ma Ma Mia!

    1. Yeah It definitely takes a lot of Preparation for the event Dennis and certainly Bandai demanded rather crazy target for next year's event. To be honest majority of the stand in staffs are not that familiar with Gundam series considering they are not well paid from our side. Hopefully you will enjoy those Kits Dennis! MG Jegan is good.