Saturday, July 3, 2010

1/100 Alteisen Review

Really one Huge Kit.

I finished 1/100 Alteisen 2 days ago, even though it is not my most Favorite Mecha from SRW OG, but it is definitely the best 1/100 SRW kit that Kotobukiya have to offer.

Alteisen(Old Iron in German) is heavily modified Gespenst MK-II but ends up unused since nobody are able to control this mecha efficiently, but in the end this mecha ends up piloted by Kyosuke Nanbu.

This kit comes with Pre-painted Kyosuke Nanbu Figure, not scaled with the Mecha. Kyosuke Nanbu is the member of ATX team and later become the team leader when Zanger Zonvolt left the team during DC wars. Kyosuke is one of the most Badass pilot in SRW OG since he doesn't give a fuck when Einsts kidnap his girlfriend and beat them to the pulp while taking his GF back. He is also the rival of member of SRX team, Ryuusei Date.

This kit has less nubs compared to my previous works since i clean the nubs properly this time, though i don't clean the nubs for some of the internal parts of the kit. I also apply Clear Coating so it looks pretty glossy.

1/100 Alteisen comes with a spare horn to imitate the Heat Horn, one of the weapons that Alteisen have. In the Game i tend to upgrade the power of Heat Horn to maximum since it require no ammo or energy to use which is very convenient during the battle.

The Second weapon is Autocannon fitted on the left arm, it serve as sub weapon since it doesn't really have huge firepower and Alteisen is a melee oriented Personal Trooper.

I can't really pose the Revolver Stake really well but anyway, Revolver Stake is the trademark of Alteisen. It is one of the easily noticeable feature of it. Revolver Stake is the replacement parts of Plasma Stake/Jet Magnum of Gespenst MKII and it has more firepower compared to it.

Heavy Claymore!!!!!!!!!!, this kit show better gimmicks of the strongest Arsenal that Alteisen have compared to the 1/144 Scale which is really awesome.

All 1/100 SRW kits comes with the cockpit gimmick though not as good as your average MG Gundam cockpits.

!/100 Alteisen comes with LED gimmick, thankfully i am able to install this one without breaking it like my 1/100 Wildwurger which is really sadful for me. there is no switch for the gimmick, but you just need to press the backpack tightly for the LED to turn on.

I am reconstructing the test fight of R-1 with Alteisen in the Izu base. It is the first time when Kyosuke and Ryuusei met. Ryuusei was aiming for one kill for the Alteisen.

Alteisen manage to Dodge the strike, however R-1 sever the Left Arm

As R-1 failed to down Alteisen, R-1 prepare for second strike.............

Alteisen manage to strike first, as a result Alteisen win the test fight. I tried my best to reconstruct the fight and probably different with the actual fight shown in the link below

Overall 1/100 Alteisen is your best choice if you are considering to get 1/100 SRW kits since R-1 is not that good and Wildwurger might be too expensive. i would say this is the most generous kit that Kotobukiya has to offer, the gimmicks are better compared to average Gundam Master Grade.

If i only had 1/100 Huckebein MK-II my 1/100 SRW collection would be complete already XP.

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