Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now playing Final Fantasy VI

This game did really live up to its reputation.

       I used to play this game a few while ago and i picked up this game again. I played this game on mobile phone which is pretty convenient. This game is pretty unique RPG titles due to its gameplay, while maintaining ATB system from previous FF, the characters are really unique since they have exclusive characterustics on their own which differentiate it to other generic RPGs. Every character have one unique skills that other character don't have and they really depend on it for example Sabin has Blitz which you need to input commands like 2D fighting games in order to perform the technique or Strago who learn his lore skill from the monsters and Gau who has Rage instead of attack which mimics the attack from monsters he learnt(you need to go to special place to train him and it is tedious -_-)

       This game has level up system like other RPGs but every level you gain you only raised your HP and MP which Espers are needed to raise other stats, you also learn magic from the Espers by gaining AP from each successive battles. You gain access to the espers on later half of the game therefore grinding your character early on is not recommended.

         I resumed my progress on Floating continent which will lead to World of Ruins and now i am preparing myself going to Kefka's tower after gathering all of my characters. The handicap of this game is hard though not as insane as FF3, the part i struggle the most is in the Phoenix cave when i want to recruit Locke since the my party is under equipped and the enemies has really nasty counter attacks like Graviga and 1000 needles which is pretty to my party at the time and the most annoying boss was Magic Master since i don't have Reraise spell, i have to go hard way by depleting its MP which is not nice since he has 50k of MP.

     Things make this series stands out of other FF titles is its story definitely, the story of FF VI is easily the best out of the FF titles(though i don't play most of the modern titles). The story is really touching even though abit unrealistic. All of the playable characters has solid background and some of their story is pretty tragic.

       The Main villain of FF VI, Kefka Palazzo is easily one of the best villain in RPG. This opportunistic Psycho Clown really justify himself as a bad guy, from a weak guy until his ascension to god and everything he do always make anyone suffer.

My favorite pairing from this game XD, even though the romance development in FF is little to none but at least i would love to see Celes and Locke as Couples.

I didn;t expect that Setzer's face is full of scars :O, i guess he get them from airship accident since i don't think he is the type who got those injuries from a brawl.

Last but not the least, Music of FF VI like other FF series are excellent as always, here is some of my favorite tunes:

 I am going to finish this game definitely, i wish there is a PSP port for this game since this game deserve a graphic makeover. I think i am going to upload FF VI pics soon.

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