Friday, July 30, 2010

Working on 1/144 LED Mirage

My first experimentation with Spray Painting

After 2 weeks at last i finished building 1/144 L.E.D Mirage though no decals yet, since i am considering which FEMC number will be assigned for this kit.

I guess i messed up abit with the Spray paints since the results is not that good with primers, in the end i used Tamiya white marker to paint the rest of the armor parts which gives better result in my opinion. I probably will use spray paint for my Patraqushe Mirage, but with different approach.

You are provided with a sheet of decal for LED Mirage, the most noticeable decals are the Roman numbers which are used to represent the numbers of Mirage Knight, you got plenty of them so you can decide which Mirage Knight pilot the LED Mirage. If somebody have more than 30 of this kits it would be epic to see bunch of them standing behind Knight of Gold.


  1. Hey man, nice job wit that L.E.D. Mirage! Looking forward to the final result.

  2. Thanks, i am had finished the decalling already and just need to take some pics of it