Friday, July 30, 2010

Got my Package from HW Japan

My first time shopping from HW Japan

Just got this package today morning, i guess Japan Post is pretty punctual in terms of delivery, the package was delivered on 27th of july which makes it 4 days to be arrived to my location, i guess it is HW Japan that is slow in handling the orders.

Newspapers! Newspapers everywhere, that's my impression when i open the package, it seems HW Japan is pretty inefficient in handling the packaging, almost 30-40% of the whole package consist of  newspapers which makes the package looks bulky. HLJ and Hobbysearch is  much more efficient in packaging.

Here are the loots that i got from HW Japan, the only reason that i bought stuffs from HW Japan is because they got items that i want and i can't find anywhere else. With this, my impression toward HW Japan is not that good due to their inefficiency but i probably will be getting some gundam kits from them in the future.

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