Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Aestivalis Review

Rather dissapointing kit.

This is my first work on Kotobukiya kits from Nadesico series, the reason that i  am dissapointed is the price tag of 2200 yen simply does not worth it for this kit since it is only as big as your average 1/144 gundam. Luckily i didn't pick Alstromeria when i bought it from HLJ.

The reason that i  pick up this kit is i want to have other nadesico kits other than Black Sarena which i am going to get soon. i am familiar with Super Aestivalis when i played SRW W and it was decent unit though not that strong and the pilot has nice Seishins. I haven't finished SRW W yet but i might give it a try later since i am 10-15 chapter more to finish.

The Kotobukiya kits is quite hard to work on since the nubs easily created during cutting the runner . I guess Kotobukiya still need to Learn alot from Bandai. This kit same with other Kotobukiya kits suffer from lack of articulation which makes the poses are rather limited.

This mecha comes with several Armaments, and probably most numerous compared to other Aestivalis. Super Aestivalis come with 2 missile pods, Rapid fire cannon, Rapid Rifle and Large Railcannon.

Actually you can also make Aestivalis Akatsuki custom from this kit but not both at the same time and the only difference is the shoulder armor parts.

Distortion Punch! the strongest arsenal that Super Aestivalis have though it is pretty costly in terms of Energy in SRW W. If you are Nadesico fan maybe try to Get Bandai's Aestivalis rather than this one, perhaps they are more posable and this kit simply does not worth its Price tags.

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