Monday, July 5, 2010

Revoltech VF-1A Hikaru Custom Review

Does not meet up to my expectations :(

Picked this one when HLJ had some massive Spring Sales, since the price was affordable and it looks convincing, i considered to get one and received it 2 weeks ago.

This is what you got from the whole package, the box looks really neat and decent accesories. i had no previous experience whatsoever with Action figures but Revoltech looks good enough.

Things that you got from the package:
-VF-1A Head
-3 pairs of hands with different pose
-Cockpit Shield
-tiny stick to pull out the pegs incase it is stuck
-Action Base

The main reason that i disappointed with this action figure that it does not come with wheel gimmick, which i think Kaiyodo should be able to provide easily. This is the greatest disappointment of this kit otherwise i am content with it.

Don't expect the details of this action figure will be as good as Hasegawa or even Bandai Macross kits, but in returns this kit is proven to be pretty sturdy so it won't break easily compared to plastic kits. As for the transformation the action figure is relatively easy to transform if you had experience in transforming macross kits or toys before.

The action figureis pretty stable as well either it is in Gerwalk or Battroid mode, it has solid footing which allows it to properly stand.

Main issues in battroid mode are the arm joint is really weak which makes it barely able to lift the arm while holding the gunpod and it is really hard to change the hand since it is hard to insert the hand due to the sturdiness and sometimes the hand are pushed inside.

Posability is definitely the main selling point of this Action figure, Kaiyodo is really experienced in making action figures and probably the Revoltech VF-1A is meant to be mostly stay in Battroid form rather than in fighter form. the posability is much better compared to macross frontier kits from bandai, since the bandai kits probably break first before posed in this matter.

If Kaiyodo makes the wheel gimmicks for the future Macross Revoltech then i might consider to buy the action figure again, otherwise it is highly unlikely that i will buy more of them, see you guys in my next review!

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