Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kotobukiya Wonderfest 2012

Just like last year, Kotobukiya's lineup always caught my interest in Wonderfest. In their booths, they show the prototyper for Panzer Zero and Berserk Fury which was confirmed around last week already. My wallets will cry for sure since i will be getting both of them which will be released around the 2nd half of this year and i bet the latter one will cost 7800 yen at least.

Perhaps one of the lineup that Kotobukiya always supply new products steadily is the D-style which grew in rather fast pace. Kotobukiya show new addition of the lineup which is ARX-8 Levatein and Takemikazuchi which i would've gotten them if i am collecting SD kits. So far there is no news for Muvluv kit or SRW which i will be looking forward to.

I am never really into Revoltech but Monster Hunter caught my eyes for sure. In their booths they show the prototype for MH3 version of Rathalos Blademaster armor though no weapons shown yet. They also show their revoltech version of Rathalos/Rioleus which would be a great pair for the Hunter and i will be looking forward for them. Apart from Monster Hunter, it seems that Kaiyodo is a serious contender for Volks rather than Kotobukiya as their Muvluv lineup grow in really fast rate. This time they already announced F-22A Raptor and SU-37 Terminator though i won't be getting them at any rate.

I will update this post if i find anything interesting

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