Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scrapped Princess

  Probably this anime is one of the few titles that have lasting impression on me. I watched this series  back when i was in middle school and it is the one that made me going into Anime from tha time onward. Scrapped Princess or Haikyou Oujo is an anime series made by Bones with story revolving about runaway adventure of a girl who were chased by religious sects as she is prophesised to bring the end of the world when she reached 16 years old. Scrapped princess is not really epic compared to some major series but it will give  a satisfying experience since the series is self contained really well. If you are into Fantasy genre, you will definitely enjoy the series. Perhaps one of the most memorable thing from this anime is the music which is a top notch as JAM Project is the one who contribute for the opening song and i am still got attached with the ending song. By the way this anime also have some mecha stuff if you consider semi-organic Dragon as a mecha.


  1. It has a great story, I agree, but the thing that surprise me the most is the fact that it came from the same people that created the ero RPG "BraveSoul".
    A great game too, I might add.

    1. I almost forgot that! Definitely the character designer for Scrapped Princess is the one who did design for Brave Soul but i dunno about the rest. I really like this series since it is quite light-hearted despite the settings is a bit grimdark.

  2. I constantly searched for Knight fantasy anime and Scrapped Princess is one which I enjoyed a lot. I don't really care about other overrated anime.

  3. i am also in the same boat as you Dennis, seems like this genre is not popular nowadays compared to 90s for instance. Though if you are interested with games Falcom's Eiyuu Densetsu Ghargharv Trilogy is really good one.