Saturday, February 4, 2012

Senritsu no Stratus

Few months ago i played this game shortly after saw the trailer which makes me instantly interested with the game. Senritsu no Stratus or Terror of Stratus is a PSP game made by the developer of Infinite Space and published by Konami around the end of last year. This game is a side scrolling with some mecha action and it is a standalone series which is quite a rarity these days. Senritsu uses one of common theme of Mecha series where a teen protagonist save the world from aliens by piloting a Giant robot. The main character of this game is Kudan Seishirou(voiced by Mamoru Miyano) ,a teenage boy who are forcefully draftedinto special military group called 6th Division as he possess superhuman ability after being infected by the Alien creature which are called as MEME/MEEM. Seishirou also possess ability to pilot mecha called Arabaki which is the only effective weapon to fight against the giant strain of MEMEs in limited time due to the special conditions of Arabaki.

Overall i find the game to be rather ordinary due to mediocre plot(though there are some interesting twist in midway of the game) and short playtime. However the experience given by the game is quite unique since you will feel like watching the anime while playing the game due to the unique format of the game. Graphic wise, Senritsu does really well as it push the graphic level up to the limit of the system. Unfortunately the gameplay of the game is lacking which makes the game rather not memorable though the Mecha battles are quite fun despite it is too few. Nevertheless i would recommend this game if you really like Mecha since you will find some unique experience playing this game though you need to be able to read some Moonrunes since it is quite full of Kanjis(which i only managed to understand the main plots).

Here is the opening of the game.


  1. Do you have the walkthrough for this game??
    Kinda stuck

  2. Where are you stuck at? you can find most of the answers combination at the end of each chapter in Gamefaqs.

  3. need some help kind of stuck in chapter one where should i submit the reports is the reports are in order to submit it please just tell me T_T

    1. You need to pick certain combination of the reports and i recall Gamefaqs did have the answer